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    HajjUmrahPlanner.com is a project dedicated to educating prospective pilgrims and providing resources that will be of great assistance before and during Hajj and Umrah.

    The project was founded upon the realisation that many pilgrims are often ill-prepared for Hajj or Umrah whilst others have doubts regarding the procedures prior to and during the pilgrimage itself. This project was thus initiated to provide a one-stop resource for all pilgrims with the aim of educating individuals and facilitating the journey through the provision of detailed articles, media and interactive features in a clear and succinct manner.

    As this project progresses, we hope to build on the content and develop new functionality with the aim of becoming the foremost resource on Hajj and Umrah online. If you would like to contribute towards this development, please consider making a donation. If you would like to contribute in any other way or want to provide some feedback, please contact us.

    Please note that in matters of Aqeedah (creed), information presented on HajjUmrahPlanner.com has been written from a Sunni perspective. As far as Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) is concerned, information is presented primarily from the point of view of the Hanafi Madhhab (school of thought), although we have made an effort to present views from other schools of thought, where applicable.

    Finally, we would like to ask that you support us in our endeavour and pray for the success of this project, allowing it to be a means of salvation for those who have contributed to it. Ameen.


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    If you have benefited from this website in any way or want to contribute towards the development of the project, please consider making a donation.

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