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  • Al-Juhfah

    Al-Juhfah (Arabic: الجحفة) is the Miqat for people travelling from North America, Europe, Turkey, Syria, Egypt, Algeria, Sudan and various other African countries. Pilgrims may also enter into Ihram at Rabigh (Arabic: رابغ), a town just to the north of al-Juhfah.


    Al-Juhfah is located 182 kilometres (113 miles) northwest of Makkah, 17 kilometres (10.5 miles) southeast of Rabigh and 15 kilometres (9 miles) east of the Red Sea.

    Masjid Miqat al-Juhfah

    Masjid Miqat al-Juhfah (Arabic: مسجد ميقات الجحفة) has a total area of 900 m2, accommodating approximately 220 worshippers.


    Pilgrims may enter into Ihram at the town of Rabigh as it is roughly on the same plane as al-Juhfah, with Rabigh being slightly higher in latitude.

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