Digital Tasbeeh Counter (Premium)


This tasbeeh counter is the best of our range of digital tasbeeh counters, offering a number of features allowing you to conveniently keep count of your adhkar during your umrah or hajj.

There are five channels meaning you can keep a count of up to five different adhkar at one time.

Another very handy feature of this counter is the green LED light which illuminates the display in low-light situations.

You can also activate the lock mechanism before putting it in your pocket so that you don’t accidentally add to or reset your dhikr tallies.

You can use this counter to keep count of how many rounds of Tawaf you’ve made and how many laps you’ve done between Safa and Marwa during Sa’i.

The build quality of this digital tasbeeh counter is excellent and comes with a matte finish in various colours. The device only needs to be recharged once every three months. A mini USB cable is provided.

This item is part of our Hajj Umrah premium pack.

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Black, Red, Orange, Green, Pink, Purple


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