• Hajj al-Ifrad

    Hajj al-Ifrad (Arabic: حج الإفراد) involves making one niyyah for the sole purpose of performing Hajj without Umrah. This method of performing Hajj is ideally for those living in Makkah and within the Miqat boundaries. A pilgrim who performs Hajj al-Ifrad is called a Mufrid.

    Step-by-Step Method

    • Enter into the state of Ihram at the Miqat with the intention of performing Hajj.
    • Upon reaching Makkah, perform Tawaf al-Qudum.
    • Perform two rak’ahs of salah at Maqam Ibrahim (if possible) and partake in the drinking of Zamzam water.
    • After TawafSa’i can be performed immediately, or it can be delayed until after the performance of Tawaf al-Ziyarah. Delaying the Sa’i is recommended.
    • You must not perform Halq or Taqsir. You should remain in a state of Ihram and only relinquish it on Yawm al-Nahr.
    • You will go to Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifah, where you will perform all the rites and actions of Hajj.
    • An animal sacrifice is not obligatory for Hajj al-Ifrad. However, it is mustahabb that an animal is sacrificed.

    Read our detailed Hajj guide.


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    • I Live in Jeddah, and from the travel, we go directly to Mina on 7 Dzulhijjah at night, can we perfom tawaf Qudum at 8 Dzulhijjah and after that go back to Mina again? Thx u for the answer.

    • do we need to go to miqat, if we stay in jeddah,
      tawaf al qudum, and hajj in one ahram.. pls advice….it is same as hajj al qiran