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Hajj Umrah Premium Pack


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The Hajj Umrah premium pack contains the essentials that you need for your Hajj or Umrah journey. The pack contains:

Premium Ihram

We have sourced the best premium Ihram for men. This two-piece premium Ihram is made from cotton and weighs 1400g. It has a very light and comfortable feel to it. Its dimensions are 45 x 90 inches (115 x 230 cm).

Ihram belt

We stock the best ihram belt for your pilgrimage. The belt is white in colour and adjustable to fit most waist sizes. It is practical to use and comfortable. It has several zipped and velcro compartments to store valuables such as money and your mobile phone.

Ihram pins

Our quality ihram pins allow you to keep your rida (the top part of the Ihram clothing) securely fastened. Our pins are durable, sturdy and difficult to break, allowing you to ensure you don’t expose your awrah during your pilgrimage.

Digital tasbeeh counter

Our premium digital tasbeeh counter has a number of features allowing you to keep count of your adhkar during pilgrimage. It has an LED light and five channels, meaning you can keep a count of up to five different adhkar at one time.

String bag

Our premium string bag is made of high-quality polyester water-resistant material. It contains a large compartment which will allow you to take your shoes into the mosque and two smaller pockets allowing you to carry valuables and other items.

Prayer mat with compass

Our prayer mat with compass is highly portable and can easily fit in your pocket or bag. The compass attached to the mat will help you to find the correct direction for prayer.


The miswak is a twig that is chewed on for dental hygiene. It is highly recommended to use one and can be used like a toothbrush in the state of Ihram and throughout your pilgrimage.



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