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    A full Hajj vlog showing the Hajj journey of brother Irfan Ali.

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey (2013) - Part 1 - "Scotland to Saudi"

    Asalamulaykum Warahmatullah Alhumdulilah Hajj 2013 went very well. it was amazing, the best experience of my life! I recored as much as I could to share with you guys. inshaa Allah what you are about to watch I hope and pray it will inspire you to go and visit these blessed places and preform hajj. please like, comment and subscribe - also please share this with all your family and friend. Asalamulaykum warahmatullah. Hajj Vlogger 🙂 (please note the audio track used in this video is not owned by me)

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey (2013) - Part 2 - "Jeddah to Makkah"

    Part 2 of my Hajj Journey - JEDDAH to MAKKAH This part you see me and brother Rizwan arriving at Jeddah airport and then making our way to Makkah. a long exciting journey. Stay tuned for part 3 continue to like, comment, subscribe and share with all your family and friends. inshaa Allah Audio is by Zain Bhika

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey (2013) - Part 3 - "Umrah Time"

    Alhumdulilah (Allah praise to Allah) - It's UMRAH TIME! My 3rd travelling umrah and it is always amazing. enjoy the video please keep sharing with family and friends inshaa Allah Peace! Hajj Vlogger Nasheed - Allah by Omar Esa (Check out his tracks)

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey (2013) - Part 4 - "Umrah Time Continued"

    Alhumdulilah me and brother rizwan have nearly completed Umrah, just a small hair cut left and then we go for a quick well deserved munch - alhumdulilah. As mentioned in the video that I will put a link to brother rizwans channel - inshaa Allah that will be up soon. please keep us in you duas. Keep sharing the videos. lots of love... Hajj Vlogger

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey(2013) - Part 5 - "The days before Hajj"

    Alhumdulilah with umrah done and dusted its time to relax a bit in Makkah just before Hajj. In these videos prior to Hajj I will share a lot of tips with you guys which helped me Alhumdulilah. Keep Watching! Also please keep sharing with all family and friends. JazakAllah Khair. Asalamualaykum Peace! Hajj Vlogger

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey (2013) *Part 6* - Ziyarah of Makkah

    We've done Umrah, still chilling in Makkah before Hajj. The experience is still amazing day by day. In this part you will see some Ziyarah's (Tour) of Makkah. SubhanAllah it is amazing to see Makkah, the history, the places where RasoolAllah (saw) walked. It is really amazing. After Ziyarah its just back to daily routine - Salah. Again in this video area little tips to make things easier for you. Stay tuned for part 7 - where I take you on a tour of the *NEW* Masjid extension of the haram - it is stunning! JazakAllah Khair to all those brothers and sister who have been supporting my videos by watching them, liking them and especially sharing them. I really appreciate it. May Allah keep rewarding you! Please share this video with all family and friends. Peace out! #HajjVlogger #Hajj2013 #Makkah #Madina

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey (2013) *Part 7* - Tour of the *NEW* Haram Extension

    Just before hajj, it started to get busier and busier. This vlog was shot on a Thursday night before Jummah and also filmed on Jummah. The last jummah before hajj which was packed! The masjid was so packed we could not get a space inside so I managed to go into the new Haram extention which they are currently making. When I went inside I was shocked at the work that had been done to the inside of the new masjid. So in this video I show you a bit of the new masjid from outside and a little tour of the inside of the new haram. SubhanAllah it is stunning. Also in this part I visit the Graveyard of Makkah where the Prophet saw's blessed wife - Khadija R.A is buried. I hope you guys enjoy this part. Inshaa Allah the next part its TIME FOR HAJJ!! so stay tuned for that. Please keep sharing this with all your family and friends. May Allah bless you all, Ameen. Hajj Vlogger PLEASE DONATE FOR SYRIA HERE: http://www.justgiving.com/Aneesa-sy... This is a 100% donation policy. May Allah reward you! Ameen!

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey 2013 (Part 8) - *Makkah to Mina*

    Asalamualaykum Warahmatullah Guys Alhumdulilah thats *Part 8* of my Hajj Vlogg uploaded on youtube now. For me this is the most amazing part so far. In this part brother rizwan and I put our Ihram on for Hajj. The feeling I got when I put the ihram on for Hajj was something I can never explain, it was VERY emotional. SubhanAllah, Wallahi it was something I have never felt before. When we put our Ihram, we went straight to the haram. After reading 2 Nafl, we made dua to Allah to help us through Hajj and accept it from us. Also in this part I filmed some clips in Mina to show you around. SubhanAllah when I was watching this part all the Hajj memories flooded back. I miss it so much! May Allah call me again and most importantly call you to HAJJ! - Ameen. I hope you enjoy watching this part! I really did. Please like and share with family and friends. Enjoy Peace 😀

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey (Part 9) - *ARAFAT & MUZDALIFAH*

    Alhumdulilah I love this part. Arafat & Muzdalifah I hope you all enjoy watching. Make dua for me! VISIT MY *NEW* FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/hajjvlogge... LIKE AND SHARE JazakAllah Khair

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey (Part 10) *MINA TO JAMARAT*

    After spending the night in Muzdalifah, we left for Mina. Once we reached Mina in the morning we rested and then prepared to walk to the Jamarat. Walking to the Jamarat was tough on the feet. It took us about 1 hour walking to and 1 hour walking back from Jamarat. Jamarat is the place where Prophet Ibrahim (as) was annoyed by the Shaytan 3 times. Each time he was annoyed he threw 7 small pebbles. This is why we mirror the actions of Prophet Ibrahim (as). On this day you only pelt the "Big Shaytan" and then you come back and do Qurbani. Once Qurbani has been done then you can do the "Halaq" (Shaving of the head) which will release you from the restrictions of Ihram. I hope you all enjoy this part. I would advise anyone planning on going to Hajj, make sure you invest in a nice comfortable pair of slippers/flipflops. The will come in use when walking to Jamarat. Also some comfortable walking shoes aswell, you can use them when out of ihram and walking to and from jamarat again. I really appreciate you all taking your time and watching my videos. Alhumdulilah for the feedback - May Allah bless you all. Ameen. Remember to SHARE this video with all your family and friends. Like my page also on Facebook - www.facebook.com/hajjvlogger

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey (Part 11) *HAJJ MUBARAK*

    In part 11 we go to Makkah to do tawaf-e-ziyara and Sai of hajj. Then we come back to mina, pack up and leave to go to Jamarat. Once the final stoning is complete we walk from Jamarat to Makkah. SubhanAllah there is a lot of walking to do but it is all worth it. Just make sure you take good walking shoes and pack light. Oh and have a bottle of water with you, you will need it. After all of this hajj is complete! Hajj Mubarak! When you are on hajj, there is no day as Eid like you may get back in the UK, its simply a normal day. After the sunset in Arafat, we call hugged each other and congratulated each other. We al were crying. SubhanAllah it was an amazing sight. The next part will be that last days in Makkah before leaving for Madina. SubhanAllah Madina is just amazing. I can't wait to show you all Madina. I will inshaa Allah try and hurry up with the Madina clips. May Allah accept all this from me and may Allah take you guys to Hajj asap! ameen. Keep watching, liking and sharing these videos - inshaa Allah

    *Hajj Vlogger* My Hajj Journey (Part 12) *THE LAST DAY IN MAKKAH*

    So this was the last day in Makkah... Hajj was Amazing! it was the BEST time of my life! subhanAllah! I enjoyed every minute of it. May Allah take me there year upon year, ameen. When we came back from Jamarat we read Asr, Magrib and Isha in Makkah and then after isha I don't know what came about me, my heart was telling me to put on ihram and go for Umrah! so brother Imran from my group and I decided to go for umrah. So in this part we did umrah and then the next day we did tawaf-e-ziyarah. SubhanAllah it was amazing! This concludes my time in Makkah - sad leaving Makkah but on the other side, so happy to be going to visit my Beloved RasoolAllah (saw). The next part is all Madinah 😀 Please keep me in your duas, Please keep sharing. JazakAllah Khair.

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey (Part 13) *MAKKAH TO MADINA*

    Alhumdulilah time has come for the MADINA vlogs! SubhanAllah in this part you will see us leaving Makkah and going to Madina. The journey took us 12 hours when its about 4/5 hours due to delay with someone's passports and also one of the buses had broken down. Whatever happens on your journey to Madina, don't stress. Have faith and trust in Allah and keep reading Durood/Salawat. While editing this video, subhanAllah so many memories came back! Allah Hu Akbar! JazakAllah Khair for watching, please share with all family and friends. You can find me on facebook - www.facebook.com/hajjvlogger Enjoy.

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey (Part 14) *TOUR OF MADINA*

    Its Ziyarah time in Madina. SubhanAllah! Madina itself is amazing, but even more amazing when you visit the historical places and see where our Beloved Prophet (saw) stepped foot. If you guys get a chance, take your time to get to know about these places, its simply amazing. For the passed 4 years I get my dates from : The National Factory For Dates Packing Yousef Mouhsen Alhaidary Al-Kiblatayn Route C.R 1100 POBOX 1458 Madina Munawarah Tel No: 8221673 - 8225555 - 8221436 Email: national@dmp.net.sa Like, Share and Comment inshaa Allah www.facebook.com/hajjvlogger

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey (Part 15) *BEAUTIFUL MADINA*

    SubhanAllah, our days in Madina are coming to a close. Slowly slowly the return date back to UK is coming closer. I am trying to make the best of my time in Madina. Madina is simply amazing. I know I always say Madina Is amazing but seriously you will not know what Madina is like until you actually go and visit your Beloved (saw) in Madina!. May Allah take you to Madina very soon (ameen) www.facebook.com/hajjvlogger. Like, Share, Comment and subscribe inshaa Allah JazakAllah Khair

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey (Part 16) *JUMMAH IN MADINA*

    Alhumdulilah its jummah time in Madina and our 2nd last day in Madina. I share some personal advice in this clip. Enjoy. Remember to like, comment and subscribe. Share with family and friends. www.facebook.com/hajjvlogger instagram: iali216

    *Hajj Vlogger* - My Hajj Journey (Part 17) *Leaving Madina* (Final Part)

    What can I say about this part? as you can see from the title... Leave Madina! - this was very hard! It always is very hard leaving a place you love. SubhanAllah - All praise if for Allah, the Most High, Most Merciful. I really hope you guys enjoyed the whole hajj vlogs. Please keep me in you Dua, ask Allah to accept this from me, keep me humble and sincere, guide me to the straight path, the path of His true love and the love of His Beloved Rasool (saw). Make dua for my parents, wife, family etc. May Allah bless you, the viewer! Enjoy! Share with you friends and family! Asalamulaykum Lots of love Hajj Vlogger

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