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Ihram Clothing

What is Ihram?

Ihram is a sacred state that a Muslim enters in order to perform the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimages. It is a state of holiness and purity, and requires the wearing of special clothing.

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Ihram clothing

Ihram clothing consists of two simple white pieces of cloth for men, and any simple dress for women. The clothing is intended to symbolise equality and modesty, and to focus the pilgrim’s attention on their spiritual journey. Ihram clothing is also intended to be comfortable and practical, so that pilgrims can focus on their spiritual journey.

Regular clothing must be removed before entering the state of ihram, and must not be worn again until after the completion of the Hajj or Umrah pilgrimages. Men are not allowed to wear anything else during Umrah or Hajj, including underwear. This includes items such as shorts, shirts, trousers, vests, socks, shoes and hats.

It is recommended that ihram clothing is made from natural fibres such as cotton or wool, as these are more comfortable and breathable in the hot climate. Synthetic materials such as polyester should be avoided.

How to Wear Ihram

Firstly, the lower garment known as the izar is worn. It is fastened and wrapped around the waist and extends from the navel to the ankle. It can be secured with a simple belt. This garment is white and seamless.

Secondly, the upper garment is worn. This is known as the rida’ and covers the top half of the body from the navel to the knee. For men, that is all that is required in terms of ihram clothing.

Women must also ensure that their clothes are loose fitting and cover their entire body, with the exception of their hands and face. They should also avoid wearing anything that is too tight or revealing.


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