• Musafir

    A Musafir (Arabic: مسافر) is a traveller. According to the Hanafi Madhhab, a person who sets out with the intention of travelling 77 km (48 miles) or more is regarded as a Musafir. The opposite of a Musafir is a Muqim.

    • An individual will only be regarded as a Musafir after making a firm intention of travelling 77 km (48 miles) or more from his current location.
    • If the individual travels from place to place, intending to travel less than 77 km (48 miles) between each location, he will not be considered a Musafir.
    • The individual will only be considered a Musafir after leaving the boundaries of his town or city. Until then, he will still be regarded as a Muqim.
    • If a person makes an intention of remaining in a particular place for 15 days or more, he will be regarded as a Muqim and must offer Salah as normal i.e. perform four Rakats for Dhuhr, Asr and Isha.

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