• Rawdah Permit

    The Rawdah is the area between the tomb of the Prophet ﷺ and his pulpit in Masjid Nabawi in the city of Madinah. It holds tremendous spiritual and historical significance, and as such, it is visited by millions each year. In order to pray in the Rawdah, you will need to book your visit using a smartphone app called Nusuk.

    Gaining access to the Rawdah (also referred to as “Riyazul Jannah”) can be a challenge, given its popularity. Due to massive demand, the authorities have introduced the Nusuk app, which requires pilgrims to book their visit to the Rawdah in advance.

    Here’s a step-by-step guide to navigating this process.

    Download and Installation

    To start, ensure you have the Nusuk app downloaded and installed on your smartphone. It’s the key tool for booking your visit to the Rawdah. You can download this from the Google Play Store or the App Store.

    Account Creation

    Once the app is installed, you’ll need to create an account. In order to do so, you’ll need to provide the following information:

    • Visa number
    • Passport number
    • Date of birth
    • Nationality
    • Mobile number
    • E-mail address
    • Password

    You can then log in to the app by providing your nationality, passport number and the password you set during registration.

    Note: Enter an e-mail address you have access to. If you are logged out of the app and need to log back in again, you may need to enter a verification code that will be sent to your registered e-mail address.

    Accessing the Rawdah Booking Section

    Once your account is activated, navigate to the section labelled Prophet’s Mosque Services. From there, choose either Praying in the Noble Rawdah – Men or Praying in the Noble Rawdah – Women based on your gender. It’s important to note that available dates and times will vary between men and women.

    Checking Availability and Making Selections

    Within the booking section, you’ll see options for different dates and time slots. Choose the one that matches your intended visit. Keep in mind that due to high demand, availability can be scarce. It’s wise to book well in advance.

    If you encounter instances where no slots appear available, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all taken. The system might not have refreshed, so regularly checking back will increase your chances of finding an appropriate slot.

    Important Reminder: Commit to the time slot you’ve chosen. There’s a restriction where you might be granted only one permit every 365 days (though this policy can change). If you miss your allocated slot, it could jeopardise your chance to visit the Rawdah during your entire stay in Madinah and for the rest of the year!

    Confirming Your Booking

    Once you’ve chosen a date and time, follow the on-screen instructions to finalize your booking. You will need to agree with the terms and conditions by marking the “Obligation to see the instructions” checkbox. After completion, your permit will be available on your Nusuk app. Make sure to have it ready when you go to the Prophet’s Mosque ﷺ.

    Your Arrival at Masjid Nabawi

    On the time of your visit to the Rawdah, ensure you arrive well before your booked time slot. The entry queue can be found in the courtyard of Masjid Nabawi, and the wait can sometimes be lengthy.

    Undergoing the Permit Check

    Before you can enter the part of Masjid Nabawi leading to the Rawdah, security staff will ask to see your permit on the Nusuk app. Ensure your smartphone’s battery is sufficiently charged to show the permit.

    Entering the Rawdah

    After the permit check, you might still need to wait either outside or in another section of the mosque. As you wait for your turn to enter the sacred Rawdah, consider it a precious moment. Engage in sending Salawat on the Prophet ﷺ and immerse yourself in dhikr.

    Remember to remain patient and respectful throughout the process, and may your visit be filled with blessings.


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    • Assalamualaykum
      I have a question, I hope.someone replies me, I m going for hajj in Shaa Allah in the month of May, we r 4 people together, so my question is how do I book the slot for 4 people ,should I be booking it from my phone or do we have to book 4 slots for.from.four different phones? Please be kind to answer.

      • Walaikumsalaam,
        I believe you will need 4 different phones. I did not find any option to book for multiple people or a group.
        If you are going with a tour operator you can check with them.

    • Hi! Have been trying to book permit in rawdah but this new app is not helping, the previous nusuk had options but no one has updated any information on the new nusuk app. Please help

    • Salam
      L’application n’affiche meme pas le pays d’origine pour les visiteurs internationaux !!
      Est-ce que c’est voulu exprès où un bègue du système ?? W’Allah a3lam

    • Have been trying to book a slot for the Rawdah for April 13-14 , no slots available at all; though I’ve been checking every half an hour. Any suggestions?

    • 1. Check right after each salat.
      2. Check every 30 mins, the slots open up for 1-2 minutes max but honestly the spots go out within seconds. So please please check the 30 min pattern.
      Example: we started around 1 pm and we kept checking 1.30 then 2 then 2.30 then 3 then 3.30 then 4 then 4.30 then 5 and so on. We had 4 family members so we had a long day of going back and forth.
      Another thing, please be on the page, where your name is displayed and checkbox is checked. The moment it’s time, go in and check… if you don’t see any open slots right away then press the Go Back button select your name checkbox and click Continue to go back in.
      It’s a bit tedious process but it is what it is. Don’t give up and keep trying. Slots do open up. May Allah make it easy for you.

      • I am trying so. Got dates for a sec but after selecting all the things it is showing not enough spaces.. 😭😭
        Still I am trying…

    • When creating an account I get the 4 digit OTP code to my email and enter it into the nusuk app and get the error code 10010016. Does anybody have a solution?

      • We were getting it often we just kept on trying alhamdulilah eventually success
        Try refreshing the information needed like passwords etc
        Alhamdulilah just persist will get in

      • I’m experiencing the same error code .
        Tried contacting Nusuk customer care.
        No resolution yet .
        Was your error rectified?? Were you able to get your permit ?

    • Help. All dates are greyed out or not available. I need to book Raudah visit. It is now 3/26/2024. I need to book on 3/31/2024. I checked every 5 minutes apprx now. Please help!

    • Hi.
      I’m going to Omra inshallah next Saturday. I’m planning to go to Madina and visit Al masjid alnabawi and the graves.
      What do I need to do exactly please?
      Do I need to book in advance to the mosque and in that case, how can I book?
      Thank you,

    • Hello,sir. I downloaded the app, registered the info but don’t see any open dates in March24. 25.2024 is there a specific time The slots open?

    • Assalam O Alaikum
      Me and wife are trying to get permit (on NUSUK app) but every time we open the app, it shows NO DATES AVAILABLE for April, I am not getting the point that who and when are they getting the permits if we can’t see any thing on the app? This new system is quite ambiguous.

    • Hello, I downloaded the app, registered the info but don’t see any open dates in April . is there a specific time The slots open?

    • Can I get 2 permits in a year? I am applying for a permit in the Nusuk application, in which it is mentioned that I can get the second permit after one year of expiry of the previous permit

    • Which mobile number must I use for my registration into the app? My country number or a number in the saudi kingdom?

    • I have created my account but when I am trying to login it shows your ID is wrong while I am using correct ID. Can I delete and create again my account?

    • Assalamu alaikum all..Im trying to choose the date for praying in Rawdha in the Nusuk App but when im choosing the dates the dates cannot be slected…can some one please guide …thnx

    • Aoa
      I will be there in madina on 12th March I am trying to book a slot for rawdah but it is showing not available with Grey. Am I trying to early or anybody and help ????

      • Sister i suggest to try on Friday during the zuhur prayer time to Asr prayer time,im in UAE..i saw the slot open on 23rd Feb,that is a friday,i got my permit for 29th Feb that is today.Friday is the only day the slots are open for very long time.In sha Allah you will get the permit,dont worry.Hope its helpful

      • Hi try at every 01 mins past . So for example 12.01 , 1.01 , 2.01 as the booking system only opens at that time only for 1 minute .

      • What you need to do is try to book the slot at every half hour, i.e., at 12:00 and then at 12:30 and then 13:00 and then 13:30 and so on. The server responds for one minute after every half an hour and you have to be lucky to get the available slot. You need to keep on trying until you get permit.

    • I’m coming InshaAllah in April but I don’t see slots available for booking in April only February and March are displayed

    • There’s a little trick to booking Rowdah visit appointments. The time slots become available every half hour at XX:01 and XX:31, without any specific day. Ensure you log into the app before these times and be ready to tick your name in the checkbox. When the clock strikes, click ‘continue,’ and you’ll see available time slots for the next couple of days only, no more than that. Be swift in reserving your slot as they’re typically snapped up in less than half a minute due to high demand.

      Here’s my experience: I followed the above steps and booked a slot for myself for the next day. Additionally, I managed to secure one for my spouse for the day after. Interestingly, while I was repeatedly trying to find a slot, I stumbled upon one for her at around XX:35, which is not the usual timing.

      I believe it would be helpful if the developer included this time trick within the app so that applicants are aware of how to book successfully.

      Please keep us in your prayers.

    • I am trying to get a permit for February 18-21 but can’t see anything. All dates are gray. Please can some one help. I am traveling with m husband who has some disability.

      • Dear Brothers and Sisters. The app works exactly at the hour and half past for few minutes. Means you must try exactly at 1, 1:30, 2, 2:30 …..and so on through out 24 hours. Keep trying and you will get it. Inshallah.

      • I have told by our travel agent, Schedule for Raudhah opens every Friday. For example if you are in Madinah from 11-18 Feb 2024, you should start looking for the date only on Friday 10/2. Schedule out will be for 1 week. Hope this helps. Allahu ‘alam.

    • I’am from Pakistan
      And it will be three days before I come to Medina.
      I am constantly trying with the help of Nusuk application to get an opportunity to pay Nafil in Riaz Al-Jinah, but the time and date are not visible.
      One day left to go back to Makkah. I am very worried that I will not be able to pay the nifl
      Please solve this problem of mine. And give me the opportunity to pay Nafil in Riaz-ul-Jannah in the possible way.

    • I am a female but the Nusuk app is showing my name under the options for Praying in Rawdah – Men. What do I do now?

    • I hope someone from the Nusuk team or some experts would at least take a look at these comment sections and help some of the frustrating issues people are facing. I’ve been trying to book rawdah slots since a month ago and I’m leaving in 6 days i still can’t get it. I’ve tried pass midnight on fridays. Every fjr prayer on madinah time. Still not available. 🙁

    • I’m visiting madina after 7yrs in sh Allah on the 10th of February and have trying been to get permit through Nusuk app which as of now showing no dates as it’s showing grey. Kindly help how can I get the permit.

    • AOA
      I have been trying to book the slot for one month, i cant see any available date at all. Its showing Jan & Feb months and not a single day is available. What to do?

      • Sometimes it’s a glitch in the app just keep trying in sha Allah you will get a spot keep in mind that they have changed the rules end of 2023 you can only book a slot once in a year now as before it was after 30 days I hope this helps plz keep me in your duas

    • I am trying since many days but I am unable to see any slot availability at 30th jan. However I have seen many on 19 20 21 22 as well.

      When will be the slots for 30th available any ideas please.

      • Assalamalaikum
        As you get closer to the date you should be able to book a slot I couldn’t get a slot until 2 days before

    • Assalamualaikum, I’m logging my nusuk account. I’m trying to booked my slot in February, but it’s showing all dates are unavailable. Did I can booked from anywhere in the world or did I need to come Soudia Arabia then I can booked. Please kindly advise me. Jajak Allah.

      • Salam brother Daud, I also need information for the kids permit. Do they need a permit? Mine are 9yrs and 7 yrs old

    • Salaam, came from UK, been trying to get a men’s slot for over 3 weeks now, but not a single slot is ever available, how else can I visit?

    • No slots open for Riaz ul jannah
      I have been seeing since 2 weeks and also check on Friday morning but nothing is working
      Plz guide me in this regard

    • I am begging Ya Rassul Allah mujhey aur merey baitey ko rozza per aa ker durood u salam ki aur riazul jannah me namaz ki ijazet dejiiye!! Tere dar se khali hath na jaon merey pyaarey nabi!

    • I am trying since 15 days when I was in Pakistan, Performed Umrah, Came to Madinna in all days I have tried many times at every hour but the application doesn’t show to allow green permits or just red which are not expecting, I heard that permit has been stopped since many days, this is very panic to me and my family as we have came from Pakistan after long journey but Saudi Authorities to give permits for Rawda in Riyadh Al Janna has been stopped,

      • i have downloaded the App, creating an account is a problem for me. it´s not possible because it says “Passport only english letters and characters” even though it´s in english characters and i did everything alright. it´s sooo frustrating….

          • This happens if you put any numbers into the text boxes while signing up to NUSUK app. It is a strange app.

            DONT put

            12 caledon road

            DO put

            twelve caledon road

            Ya Allah accept us,

    • Salaam

      I’ve been checking the app and realised all dates greyed out, ie implying not available. However what I realised if you click on “Umrah” icon under header “holy mosque service “ you then gain access to the calendar availability, rather then straight click on the icons male/female under header “prophets mosque services.”

      • Clicking on the “Umrah” icon gives available dates to perform umrah. Not for the Rawdah
        For the Rawdah appointment you have to select male/female and proceed with whatever dates show up.

      • I am trying to get a Raiz UL jannah permit for 2nd week of January but it is showing all gray (means no date is available till February) as per my discussion with their support, it will open for next three days only, can some one guide me how to resolve this issue

        • Salams. Do note that they will open slots on Friday (usually after Jumaah time) for the next 7 days. Example, on 5th Jan (Friday) they will open slots from 7th – 13th Jan. It’s good to check for bookings on Friday/Saturday. Remember, it becomes unavailable very quickly, so dont hesitate.

      • That is for booking to do Tawaf in Makkah.
        For Riaz Ul Jannah in Madinah you need to book a slot through Prophets Mosque Services

    • Salam. I tried requesting for permit while there were slots. However, I was not able to book due to “The date of the new permit must be 45 days after the previous permit.” I am requesting for a new permit while the last permit was on 2nd February 2023 – way past 45 days. Nusuk Team, please advise.

    • I can not book and I receive an error saying you can’t book if your previous permit was within the last 45 days. I visited almost a year ago. Is there a way to fix this?

    • I have been checking the app for slots daily, multiple times for a week now and there are still no slots!! Why is there such system when people come from far away and perhaps can only visit once in a life time??

    • Asalaamualaikum, is there no availability for Rawdah visit for the rest of December 2023 and January 2024? all the dates are greyed out on the Nusuk app. thank you

    • Assalamu Alaykum. I have accidentally cancelled my permit. Is there any possibility of retrieving it? As I am a visitor from outside the Middle East, I will truly appreciate if you can help me figure this out to help me fix my error during my stay at Medinah.

    • Please refresh the system, there is a problem all dates of December appears in dark grey we couldn’t make an appointment !

    • Assalamu Alaikum. I’m very concerned because it’s the 4th of December and No dates come up for Rawdah booking. Can someone help me to understand what’s going on. JazakAllahu Khairon.

    • Thanks for the guide, Step by step, screenshots. Much appreciated. Heading over now. let’s see if it’s possible to pray fajr there. Booking the slot just before.

    • I couldn’t make any appointment for the November 25th. It’s showing grey colour that means not available. Is riyazul Jannah Close this month?

        • I understand they open every friday morning saudi time for a week. Please check on Friday preceding 22nd ( 15th dec) as I hope slots will be there for whole week by then insha’Allah. There may be slight changes sometimes but check often then.

          • Today I have been checking but no availability for 20 th December what can I do now . Please anyone can help me