• Sadaqah

    Sadaqah (Arabic: صدقة‎‎) refers to providing charity to the poor and needy as compensation (Fidyah) for missing an action or violating a Hajj-related law. It is recommended to give Sadaqah in the form of non-perishable staple food such as flour, wheat, barley, dates or raisins.

    Depending on the violation, the amount of Sadaqah falls into three categories:

    1. Complete Sadaqah al-Fitr – This is equivalent to about 3 kg of wheat, 6 kg of barley, 6 kg of dates or raisins or its value in money.
    2. Less than Sadaqah al-Fitr – This can be a handful of wheat or an equivalent. For example, killing a locust would necessitate a handful of wheat in Sadaqah.
    3. Sadaqah equivalent to the value – For example, causing harm to an animal or cutting trees within the boundaries of the Haram would require a payment of Sadaqah equivalent to the value of the damage caused. The amount due will be judged by two Muslim men who are local to the area and upright in their character.

    Please refer to these tables which provide a more comprehensive overview of actions that would require Sadaqah.

    Examples of actions that would necessitate Sadaqah:

    • Applying small amounts of fragrances to the body / clothing or applying fragrances to small portions of the body / clothing.
    • Wearing stitched clothing or prohibited footwear for a small amount of time.
    • Covering a small portion of the head or the face.
    • Shaving, cutting, trimming or removing small amounts of hair from the body.
    • Clipping a few nails on the hands or feet.
    • Not performing obligatory actions of Hajj or Umrah completely or properly. For example, omitting a circuit of Sa’i or performing Sa’i with a wheelchair without a valid reason would require Sadaqah to be paid.
    • Causing harm to an animal.
    • Killing lice or locusts.
    • Cutting trees or grass within the boundaries of the Haram.

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